Digital giants open to the world!

Putin Fires Russian Prisons Chief After Torture Scandal

Russian Oil Output Is Growing

Moldova Settles Debt For Gas To Russia

Gazprom Reports Record Results On Surging Gas Prices

Russian Anti-Satellite Missile Test Causes U.S. Concern

Poland-Ukraine – a common cause?

Gen. W. Nowak: The appointment of a strategic safety net operator may paradoxically reduce its resistance to attacks. This issue requires a separate act

A new start in business. There will be support for entrepreneurs who have had to close their businesses

The smog problem has returned like a boomerang during the heating season. Three Silesian cities joined forces to fight him together

Despite the covid price turmoil, wooden houses can still be a profitable investment. The costs will depend on exchange rates and interest rates

Polish students will create new solutions in the automotive industry. A global chemical concern focuses on cooperation with universities

The pandemic has shaken the supply chains of electronic components. As a result, Polish producers felt the increased demand

From next year, producers will face fines for improper labeling of organic and eco food. Companies often use ecology to increase sales

Russian Diplomatic Game Towards The Taliban Is Falling Apart

Putin Receives Armenian And Azeri Leaders For Talks

Russia Wins New Ally, Promising Cheap Gas

PGE Group will manage waste from RES installations. For this purpose, it is building an innovation center in Bełchatów

Inflation and rising production costs are hitting Polish companies. Some of them are looking for an opportunity to limit gains by investing abroad

Poles cannot talk openly about money. A big problem is asking for a loan return

70% of residential buildings in Poland are energy inefficient. Their comprehensive renovation can boost the economy and create several hundred thousand new jobs

Over 70% of Poles are most afraid of the lack of access to health care. 3.5 million people already have private health insurance

The oldest ecological organization in Poland is establishing a partnership with an energy giant. Together, they will carry out activities in the field of environmental protection and nature education

The Polish-Arab Forum in Dubai is an opportunity to strengthen cooperation. For domestic companies, it is an opportunity to sign new contracts

The pandemic did not shake the position of Polish TV factories. The production may be affected by the lack of components from Asia and their price increase

Technological fields of study are under siege. Building human resources crucial for the development of the industry

From December 1, manual toll collection on state highways will cease to function. Passenger car drivers will pay via the e-TOLL system or purchase e-tickets

40% of car breakdowns are caused by a defective battery. Its inspection is recommended at least once every three months

The advertising market is now past the pandemic crisis. Spending on the Internet already exceeds TV budgets

Biedronka became the main sponsor of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. From mid-December, the collection of money for the 30th finale of the orchestra will start in the stores of the network

Industrial companies today have a greater ability to compete than before the pandemic. This is largely due to the investment in machinery and equipment

The owners of vintage cars do not have to insure them all year round. However, short-term policies are not always a profitable solution

Robot-based prostate cancer surgery is the standard in Western countries. They are still not reimbursed in Poland

Turkey: An unruly NATO partner?

China Downgraded its Diplomatic Representation in Lithuania

Chinese Influence in the Slovak Information and Media Space

Report from the Eastern Borderlands

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